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Ednetics has been customizing solutions in collaboration with educators for more than fifteen years. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team works directly with school and university technology departments to learn how to address specific issues. As a result, we have developed and refined our offerings to better serve our customers. Our work has always been based on an open dialogue with the education community.


We are dedicated to being the leading provider of technology solutions to the education community. We endeavor to help our customers enhance education through the use of relevant technology and sustainable technology practices. We support innovation and improvement in education through the intelligent use and application of technology. 

We are mindful of our customers’ interests and work diligently to maintain our understanding of the issues inherent in their working environments. We use our passion for technology to bring helpful advancements to the education community.


We are committed to the continuing success of our organization through excellence in customer service and leadership in the field of information technology. 

We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We recognize that our diverse backgrounds and talents make us a powerful team. 

We believe that our success as an organization is a direct result of our enjoyment of each other.

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