New Construction

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The tech expert on your project.

The sooner technology is incorporated into a construction project, the better. From budgetary considerations to integrated building systems, the Ednetics team has the experience to help reach the best possible outcome. The Ednetics team’s experience covers large multi-building new construction, remodeling, and retrofitting projects. As skilled collaborators, the Ednetics team is well versed in working with large committees to set priorities and reach consensus. Collaborative style, experience, and commitment to doing things right make Ednetics a valuable team member on construction projects of any size.

Technology from the ground up.

IT planning is as integral to new construction as electrical schematics and plumbing plans. Having an integrated plan during the construction process results in a faster, more efficient IT system deployment. Network-enabled building systems such as physical access control and video surveillance are considered from the outset, making for smoother deployment.

IT is what we do.

Ednetics works alongside engineering and architectural firms to ensure that the technology is considered in the planning and construction process from start to finish. The Ednetics team has years of hands-on, design-level experience in configuring and installing network infrastructures, advanced applications, and integrated systems according to industry best practices. The team includes voice, network and data center engineers, contractors, and certified electricians. They have experience both in the IT industry and in working together as a whole. Ednetics has the experience and expertise to guide stakeholders to the best solution for the project.