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Unified communication for unified teams.

The Cisco Unified Communications system delivers IP phone service, video calling and conferencing, desktop sharing, e-mail, and instant messaging to take communications to a more productive level. Cisco Unified Communications lets you send and receive multiple communication streams using a single inbox.

check Simplicity and power
check Consolidated Messaging
check Videoconferencing capability
check Flexible, easy collaboration

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Whatever your mission,
there’s a handset just right for you.

Whatever your mission, there's a handset just right for you.

Face to face, without the commute.

Geographically separated workplaces need alternatives to meeting in person. Video calling and conferencing give the benefits of face-to-face communication without added travel expenses. Videoconferencing helps build relationships in your organization, deepens engagement, and accelerates collaborative problem solving. Strengthen team connections with videoconferencing and instant messaging without increasing costs.

Share your ideas.

Showing ideas is often the most efficient way to convey them. Desktop sharing with Cisco WebEx combines audio, video, and real-time content sharing. Using WebEx, teams can collaborate easily. WebEx facilitates desktop and application sharing so team members can get the same information at the same time no matter their location. WebEx indexes files, meeting notes, and recordings so that participants can refer back easily to what was covered. WebEx works with all major operating systems.


Unified messaging.

Cisco Unified Communications consolidates e-mail and voicemail in one inbox. Access messages from your phone, computer, or mobile device. Ednetics can also assist in configuring e-fax to simplify communications even further. Take instant messaging to the next level with Jabber integration. Some of the features of Jabber are listed below.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Screen capture
  • Presence
  • Initiate WebEx
  • Voicemail Access
  • Desktop Sharing

Bring your team together.

K12, higher education, and government benefit from communication tools that bring organizations together. Greater collaboration improves efficiency, promotes innovation, and helps teams focus on common goals and objectives.

Integrate. Do more.

Ednetics Voice is designed to integrate with the Ednetics physical security suite. Send automated alerts, lock down all or part of your facility, and coordinate with first responders.

Select from a wide range of Cisco handsets. From basic models to video-enabled, multi-line units for advanced communication needs – there’s a handset that is right for you.

Keep your team in touch.

Unified communications make information sharing easy and efficient. Streamline workflows. Save time and empower staff. Get instant access to video, voice, and data. Improved communications means more productivity, increased efficiency, and greater value for your organization.