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Storage Area Network ⋅ Virtualization ⋅ Backup and Recovery

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K12, higher education, and government agencies rest on foundations of information. Scalable and secure solutions to keep that information safe, backed up, and available are essential. As data storage and backup requirements increase, data center solutions must deliver. Ednetics designs data centers with a customer-centered approach that provides the full advantage of these solutions.

check Hassle-free backups
check Reduced server footprint
check High availability
check Enhanced operational continuity

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Smart storage, smart backups.

Ednetics data center specialists work closely with education and government agencies to create effective storage systems. We use industry-leading components for enterprise-grade performance. Modular architectures ensure that data center installations can scale as customer needs change. Storage area networks consolidate data, free up server space, and simplify operations. Contain storage costs and ensure comprehensive data backups with deduplication and smart backup technology.

Backup and disaster recovery.

Disasters don’t make appointments. Data backup and restoration systems protect valuable information from damage, corruption, and unauthorized access. Ednetics data center solutions are purpose-built to deliver superior data protection. Automated backups and redundant storage simplify operations and provide extra data security.


Virtually superior.

Virtual server technology reduces physical server requirements and delivers the fundamental architecture to repurpose legacy computers as thin clients. This reduces energy consumption and landfill use and provides a smaller footprint. Virtual architectures reduce downtime and increase productivity. Virtual desktops simplify operations and maintenance while conserving budgetary resources.