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Ednetics Compute optimizes application availability through data center virtualization to provide the greatest compute, storage, software license and switching investment value. We work with customers to share strategies & best practices for data management that meet the demands of 24x7 technology service availability and operations.

Do more with less.

Ednetics can help you achieve the benefits of data center virtualization including higher availability, centralized management, and simplified provisioning and backup. Virtualization maximizes the power of existing hardware, reducing idle time, and utilizing resources more effectively. Fewer physical servers generate less heat and use less power, saving on operational costs generating a greener footprint. Virtual servers are simpler to deploy, backup, and restore than their physical counterparts, which saves time and simplifies management. Find out how to get more out of your data center.

Virtually superior.


Virtualized servers reduce hardware obsolescence, providing a scalable, cost-effective, and consistent platform for vendor agnostic server infrastructure. Utilize computing resources to their fullest, reduce idle time, lower maintenance costs, and provide centralized management of multipurpose, multi operating system servers.


A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) reduces the cost and administrative overhead of individual computers. Thin clients simplify application deployment and management, while increasing security and hardware life. VDI offers remote desktop access from a variety of devices.


Storage virtualization consolidates physical storage devices, removing the limits of location while providing centralized management. Get higher reliability, availability, and nondisruptive data migration with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid storage solutions.

Be an IT Hero.

Reduced footprint.

Reducing equipment footprint with fewer servers, switches and storage lessens the power and cooling requirements resulting in cost savings.

Centralized management.

Virtualization allows you to consolidate your computing resources and remove geographically separate hardware. Manage all your servers from a single interface.

Rapid provisioning.

Server templates make server replication and deployment simple. Spin up new cloned servers in minutes which increasing performance and saving storage space.

High availability.

A virtual infrastructure can simplify your disaster recovery capabilities with failover clusters. With multiple redundant machines and the ability to restart and redeploy machines, you gain unmatched availability when compared to traditional hardware solutions.

Solid data architectures.

Data management and data center design can be complicated, with each organization having different needs for provisioning, storage, and computing power. With a thorough understanding of customer environments and years of experience, Ednetics works with customers to develop architecture strategies that make sense. We use validated designs and partner with industry leaders to build high performance solutions that reduce network complexity and increase performance and scalability.


Hybrid cloud storage, all-flash arrays, and intelligent compression reduce your storage requirements and provide greater agility.


Enterprise class servers have reduced failure rates, greater power efficiency, higher performance, and integrated security and management.


Intellegent systems can automate backups, migration, and recovery of data. Verified integrity and complete visibility give you peace of mind.

Service and application configuration.

Ednetics data center engineers advise on best practice server deployment and can assist with installation, configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting. Our engineers have been installing and configuring services like Active Directory, Exchange, and other critical applications for education and government for years. Our public sector focus has given us experience with common application setup and feature requests as well as best practices and troubleshooting.

King County is the most populous county in Washington with over 2,000,000 residents.

Case Study: King County
Secure, Taxpayer-Friendly Data Protection in the Cloud

“We now have an enterprise-class data protection and recovery solution that helps us to provide more affordable services to our residents and protect their data.”

- Aaron Barak

Directory of Operations and Infrastructure, King County Information Technology

The Challenge

With a fast growing population, the county’s backup system was no longer adequate to reliably handle backups for digitized county records.

The Solution

The district partnered with NetApp, Ednetics, and Veeam to setup two AltaVault AVA400 appliances using Veeam software for backups.

The Results

The district now saves approximately $138,000 in annual costs and enjoys greater efficiency, fast reliable access to backups, and simpler management and data protection compliance.

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