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How to order products from Ednetics.

To assist eligible purchasers in complying with their purchasing laws, all purchase orders must reference the DigitalEdge Contract Number. Please refer to the product page for the correct contract number.

  1. Request a quote for the desired solutions and services from the Ednetics Team.
  2. Ednetics will provide a price quote.
  3. Purchaser shall submit a purchase order or procurement card number to Ednetics and reference the DigitalEdge Contract Number. All purchase orders and documents must contain the following language:

    Contract number for audit verification:
    DigitalEdge #ESD112-DE-15B

    Orders should be sent to

  4. Any product shipped shall be shipped FOB Destination. Ednetics shall fill the order and ship the products directly to the purchaser at the “ship to” address unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.

Ednetics shipping and delivery.

Shipping will be FOB: Destination. Delivery hours are typically between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding all major holidays. All products shall be delivered directly to the purchaser’s destination unless otherwise agreed upon. Carrier partners include UPS, FedEx and LTL freight companies. Standard orders will ship with no charge for freight. Exceptions for large items or requested express shipping may apply and will be included on the quotes received. Purchasers may contact the Ednetics Sales Team for details.number.

For orders that are part of an installation project, parts may be shipped first to an Ednetics facility for staging prior to on-site delivery. In these cases, the Purchaser will be required to complete a Material Staging Agreement.

Ednetics return and replacement policy.

Ednetics allows customer returns based on the policies of the original product manufacturer. Purchasers should contact their Ednetics sales representative within (15) days of receipt.

Ednetics Tracking information.

Shipments may be tracked via the corresponding carrier’s tracking website. Purchasers should request tracking numbers from their Ednetics sales representative.

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Offered through Educational Service District 112

Contact Ednetics.

Contact the Ednetics Sales Team to request a quote or for more information on related products and accessories. Reference DigitalEdge contract #ESD112-DE-15B

Toll free: (888) 975-1409
Fax: (208) 777-4708

Product information.

Download the Ednetics Digital Edge Product Catalog for Integrated School Safety Solutions:

Product Catalog

DigitalEdge information.

Find out more about DigitalEdge:

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