Face to Face without the commute


The challenge of distance.

Imagine your organization having regular meetings to keep projects and objectives active and aligned. People share a space, they chat before the meeting gets going, they get to know each other. Now, imagine that same team is scattered across three states and they only have the budget to meet in person twice a year. It’s really different. Phone calls, of course, can get the compulsories accomplished, but the interpersonal connection is more difficult to build and maintain.

Connect with your team from anywhere.

Video phones help close the gap. While there’s no replacement for being together in person, significant social aspects of communication can be reclaimed via video calling. In addition to having a face to put with a person, seeing facial expressions, levels of engagement, and body language improves the social side of a phone call. By strengthening the human side of communication, video calling can improve teamwork at a distance creating a more personal connection.

Reduce travel costs and increase flexibility.

Video phones integrated with video conferencing software provide advantages over traditional meetings like reduced travel costs and greater flexibility without sacrificing the human connection. Video conferencing can overcome constraints on geography and schedules, allowing teams to communicate when they need to with less cost.

Easy to Use

Make a video call the same way you would a regular call. Just pick up the phone and dial. Enjoy the simplicity and the social connection when the commute is not an option.


Cisco IP video phones come with modern security features. Features can be customized and hardened according to your organization's administrative policies.

High Quality

High definition video and superior sound quality make the human side of the call warmer and brighter – you may wonder how you did without video calling.

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