Keep an eye on trouble spots


Security visibility can promote safer behavior.

As schools continually evaluate their security and look for ways to improve, video security systems are playing an important role. Video cameras are being used to increase student and staff safety by deterring poor behavior. Highly visible, strategically placed cameras improve behavior in significant ways. The presence of the camera acts as a visual warning that activities are being monitored and recorded. Designated personnel can see locations campus-wide and can focus more efficiently on the places that need the most help. As video security captures an act of bullying or vandalism, student discipline can be addressed with a greater understanding of what actually happened. As personnel are able to enforce policy and follow through with those in need of intervention, safety is improved.

Improve situational awareness.

Situational awareness is critical when it comes to campus safety. In any situation where a safety or security issue could arise, greater awareness can speed up incident identification and response. Ednetics safety experts can help you develop a plan to put greater focus on high traffic areas or other priority locations. High resolution, rugged cameras improve monitoring capability and reliability, making sure you are always ready for whatever comes your way.

Network Integrated

We can integrate legacy analog cameras into an open architecture network system, helping you make the most of past investments while preparing you for the future.

Solid Selection

With a variety of resolutions as well as a great selection of camera models, we have you covered for all of your indoor and outdoor camera needs.

Key Features

From night vision and autofocus to rugged, vandal resistant models, we have cameras to cover your organization with the right camera in the right spot.

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Network Based

By bringing existing analog cameras into an open architecture network system. We will help you make the most of past investments while preparing you for the future.

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