Make your campus safer.

Ednetics Protect is an approach to campus security that helps improve situational awareness, preparedness, and response time. We work with customers to determine their specific concerns and develop comprehensive solutions that combine video security, controlled access, intrusion detection, and emergency notification. We believe that technology can help deter incidents, increase awareness, and reduce response time when it matters.

Keep an eye on things.

Stay better informed of what is happening at entrances or other high traffic areas on your campus. Well-placed security cameras can help you identify potential issues more rapidly and resolve them faster. Conspicuous camera placement can also aid in preventing incidents because they act as a natural deterrent. Ednetics can help you build a scalable, easy to use video security solution to increase your awareness of what is going on and keep your campus more secure.

High quality.

High resolution cameras make identifying what is going on easier. Zoom in on locations and persons of interest. Rugged equipment stands up to tough conditions.

Mobile ready.

Authorized users can monitor cameras on multiple desktop operating systems and mobile devices and configure the system on a web-based application in any modern browser.


Grow your security camera network from one camera to thousands while continuing to support multiple hardware vendors and legacy equipment.


User friendly centralized management combined with high quality cameras that are simple to use make administration easy. Most cameras auto-detect and connect.

Take control.

Part of protecting staff and students is identifying visitors and managing their access. Ednetics works with customers to integrate complete access control solutions with intercoms, keypads, keycards, schedules, and permission groups. This provides a highly flexible authorization system that quickly adjusts to changes in staff or events. Integration with Ednetics Voice enables the ability to trigger lockdowns and send alerts from a handset — making your response to threats more effective.

Easy to use.

Intuitive, easy to use interface that is browser-based, requiring no separate software install. Separate offerings tailored to entry or enterprise level environments.


Software built to scale with your needs. Add additional offices, buildings, and locations quickly. Built in migration and open hardware keep pace with organization growth.

Administrative integration

Seamless policy integration with your existing systems. With peer-to-peer replication, your user permissions and security roles can be setup automatically.


Cloud based hot standby architecture is ready in the event of a failure. Keep things running smoothly in a failover situation.

Reach everyone quickly.

Getting the right information to the right people in an emergency is critical. Ednetics provides broadcast solutions that can have a variety of both triggers and receivers, be automated, and send multiple messages simultaneously. Send alerts or notifications to desk or mobile phones, speakers, and digital signage. Use e911 services, voice, text, email, and social media to get everyone on the same page quickly.

Whitworth University is a highly ranked liberal arts college in Spokane, Washington with over 2,500 students, 300 faculty, and 100 academic programs.

Case Study: Whitworth University
Improved Campus Safety with Integrated Security

“We’ve appreciated Ednetics and their expertise and professionalism in guiding us toward cost-effective and appropriate solutions for our environment.”

- Ken Brown

Chief Information Officer, Whitworth University

The Challenge

The existing security system was no longer sufficient for 40+ campus buildings with low quality analog cameras and disparate video, access control, and notification systems.

The Solution

Ednetics worked with the college to design and implement a unified security solution integrating Avigilon access control, ip security cameras and InformaCast broadcast.

The Results

Integrated system ties into existing infrastructure, providing simpler management and faster incident notification and response.

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