Service Delivery


Services options that fit the way you work.

When you work with customers for over twenty years, you learn a few things. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to technology. Environments can have vastly different requirements, staff, budgets, and goals. That’s why our solutions were designed to be flexible in pricing, acquisition, and support. We're dedicated to providing options that make sense for the way your organization runs.

Traditional On-Premise Solution

Ednetics Essential service delivers a full implemetation of our traditional on-premise solution. With full project management from start to finish, Essential delivers professional deployment with predictable costs and timelines.

Add Ednetics One™ Support to Your Solution

Ednetics Plus service adds Ednetics Support to your solution, providing 24/7 emergency support, guaranteed response times, and ongoing configuration and maintenance. Plus gives you peace of mind, keeping your technology solution running optimally.

Solution as a Fully Managed Service

Ednetics Managed lets you extend the capabilities of your organization. With flexible ownership and financing, get more value and avoid opportunity cost. Additional features include proactive monitoring and support, and extended warranty management.

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