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Comprehensive security.

Safety is vital to the well being of any organization. Ednetics physical security solutions help increase the level of security and safety in organizations and are built to integrate, increasing their flexibility and features. Monitor entrances and high-risk areas with video surveillance. Authorize visitors and employ lockdown capability with access control. Broadcast alerts and notify authorities and first responders in emergency situations with emergency notification systems (ENS). Ednetics designs and implements physical security solutions with a deep understanding of customer environments and a commitment to best practices in technology and safety.

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I was greatly impressed and surprised by the level of security when I arrived.

— Seth Deniston, Director of Technology, Coeur d'Alene School District

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Eyes where you need them.

Surveillance cameras deter theft, vandalism, and property damage, while promoting a safer environment. Video footage can help identify potential safety risks and aid in resolving disciplinary issues effectively. Video surveillance can improve response times in emergencies, allowing authorized personnel to quickly identify the location and nature of security issues.

A digital video surveillance system is a cost-effective, future-proof monitoring solution that provides a number of benefits over traditional analog systems. Digital formats provide high quality imaging and better storage, search, and retrieval options. IP networks save costs using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and non-proprietary hardware while allowing simplified scalability and installation. Smarter cameras and software make monitoring more effective with motion detection and scheduling. Conveniently manage and monitor video from desktops or mobile devices.

Control who comes in and when.

Lock and unlock entry points with access control, even when you’re off-site. Give community groups after-hours access to facilities by issuing time- and location-delimited keycards that grant entry only to the rooms they need. User privileges and locking schedules can be configured quickly for rooms, buildings, or an entire district. Keycard and numeric keypad access control informs administrators of who’s entering buildings and when they’re doing so. Exterior access control options include locks, cameras, and intercoms that can withstand rough weather and physical abuse while delivering reliable, effective performance.


Video management software.

Identify potential problems with a web-based interface accessible from a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Monitor multiple camera feeds at once, zoom in on locations of interest, and review hours of archived footage quickly. Bookmark and time-stamp footage for even faster review. Authorized users can access live and archived footage. The video management software can incorporate existing analog cameras into the system, extending the lifespan and value of legacy equipment. The VMS is scalable to meet future needs, and new cameras can be added quickly.

Mass notification and alerts.

Integration with the Cisco Unified Communications platform enables powerful notification features that streamline communications in an emergency situation. Multiple triggers can be setup to send text or live and prerecorded audio messages to phones, IP speakers, analog paging systems, computers, digital signage, email, and even social media sites.

A direct link to first responders.

Ednetics has partnered with ClearPix Technology to provide an emergency notification system (ENS) that can greatly reduce response times in critical emergencies. Clearpix transmits custom alerts (including location information and incident type) over the two-way radios already in use by law enforcement and first responders. Clearpix can transmit e-mail, text, or calls over four different frequencies, making sure responders are notified as soon as possible. Clearpix can be integrated with a variety of triggers including wired and wireless panic buttons, tilt switches, trip beams, temperature sensors, motion detectors, and other types of physical relays. When every second counts, Clearpix is the most effective notification system available.

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