How does the way technology is implemented impact the overall value?

Technology integration is a crucial part of infrastructure, but comprehensive solutions can be an expensive up front cost. Ednetics solutions have flexible pricing options that provide full solution utility right away. This helps customers realize full value right away without the worry of budgeting for a full solution up front. Ednetics can also help with solution lifecycle management, giving a clear picture of current integrations and future scalability.

Turn Key Project

This example is a general cost model for technology implemented all at once. A fully integrated technology solution implemented in its entirety up front has the advantage of providing immediate value. It also simplifies solution planning, and reduces lifecycle management. However, procuring a full solution up front can be a large expense that can be hard to budget for.

Traditional Up Front Project

Traditional Phased Project

Ednetics Project

Phased Project

This is an example of general costs for technology implemented over 5 years. Phased deployment splits the cost of a solution over time and is a way for organizations to fit a large expense into manageable chunks.

Phased Project with Opportunity Cost

This example is the same as above with general costs for technology implemented over 5 years with the opportunity cost included. A phased deployment also implements the solution in phases. This means the full utility is not available until the end of the deployment. In addition, this can lead to additional administrative overhead with multiple equipment life cycles and configurations.

Turn Key Project Paid for Over 5 Years

Here's an example of general costs for technology implemented all at once and paid for over 5 years. Ednetics integrated solutions offer the benefits of a full project deployment with the payment options of a phased deployment. We work with customers to find the best options with regard to the solution and available funding. With digital literacy and technology integration so fundamental to operations, we strive to provide the highest value with budget friendly options.

Traditional Project

Entire solution up front

Expensive one time cost

No opportunity cost

Hard to budget

Phased Deployment

Cost split over annual budget cycles

Large opportunity costs

Heterogeneous system harder to manage

Lack of full use of system until later

The Best of Both

Flexible pricing model

No opportunity costs

Complete solution up front

Lifecycle planning too!


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