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Providing IT Solutions to Education and Government Communities.

Our Story

Ednetics is a place where technology meets creativity, where challenges are transformed into opportunities and innovation thrives. Since 1997, Ednetics has been on a mission to directly address the challenges faced by schools in acquiring and utilizing technology. Recognizing the close relationship between higher education, libraries, and technological advancements, we expanded our focus to serve the public sector and our technology portfolio has grown. Today, we proudly support and empower educational institutions, libraries, local and state governments throughout the Western US.

We are experts IT for education and government.

Drawing on our expertise in education, we build resilient and responsive systems that make sense for every budget and create space to discover what’s possible.

We empower organizations through IT solutions.

Technology can improve operations by enhancing communication, collaboration, and safety. We help offload complexity so customers can focus on their missions.

Best practices are part of our portfolio.

We set high standards and continually strive to exceed them in order to serve, safeguard, and connect our communities with high value solutions.

25+ years of experience serving the public sector.

Our experience volume — with a customer base of the same stripe — helps us anticipate and proactively solve the problems you may face.

Ednetics Leadership

Shawn Swanby

Chief Executive Officer

Will Stowe

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Jantz

Chief Information Officer

Amy Keim-DesRosier

Chief Brand Officer

Aaron Torres

Chief Services Officer

Travis Pettyjohn

Chief Financial Officer

Colby Van Vooren

Vice President of Sales

Brandon McCoy

Vice President of Operations

Jenny George

Director of Human Resources

Matt Baird

Director of Sales Engineering

Scott Duchow

Director of Managed Services

Mike Reilly

Director of Product Development

David Roberts

Director of Customer Success

Get to Know Us and Our Core Values

At Ednetics we’re not your typical company; we’re a dynamic team with a dedication to our core values and an enthusiasm for all things geek. WHACHA, our guiding acronym, is more than just a collection of letters – it’s a symbol for our identity and what we stand for.

Our Values

The guiding principals of our internal culture.

We Are One Team

Together, we can overcome adversity and accomplish great things.

Human Potential

We believe in the power of technology to elevate human potential.

Assume Nothing

Exploring possibilities gives us opportunities to learn.

Celebrate our Geek Heritage

We embrace our passion for all things geek.

Honest Communication

The key to success is transparency and accountability.

Achieve Operational Excellence

We strive to be the best at what we do.

Expertise and engineering to bring options that work for you.

Ednetics brings together engineering expertise, leading manufacturers, and industry best practices to support customer objectives.

Our Partners

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