Defend your organization from online threats with layered security measures.

Prioritize Security

Take action to prevent and mitigate threats.


Train users how to identify and respond to suspicious emails and solicitations.

Data Breaches

Reduce attack vectors by implementing preventative technology and policy.


Avoid the expense of ransomware using secure data backup and recovery.

Stay Ahead of the Threat Landscape

The number and sophistication of cyberattacks keeps rising, fueled by the increasing prevalence of online services and cloud storage. The advantages of remote work and learning bring with them a host of new security concerns as the number of attack vectors grows. Ednetics can help you formulate a strategy to mitigate online threats with a thorough approach to data security.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Our solutions and services consider security at every layer.

Our experience with customer requirements has informed our approach to developing solutions. We understand the importance of data integrity and keeping it out of the wrong hands. We incorporate these ideas and technologies in our own daily operations and want to help you keep your data and users safe.

Better Awareness

Ask us about best practices, common attacks, and free and effective ways to help protect users.

Secure the Edge

Deploy smarter firewalls with advanced threat intelligence to block network intruders. Configure firewalls with ACLs, NAT, and DMZ setup.

Controlled Network Access

We work with you to segment your network, configure VLANs, and setup secure wireless access.

Harden Devices

Keep devices more secure with antivirus, anti-malware, and proactive threat monitoring.

Application Safety

Improve application safety with multi factor authentication, content filtering, and secure browsing and email.

Data Protection

Encrypted backups and fast recovery keep your data safe and available.

Safeguard Critical Assets

Keep important information confidential and stay in compliance.

Security Expertise

Protecting data has always been a requirement.

With over twenty years of experience building networks for schools, we understand security needs and the importance of protecting people and data. With high-level industry certifications, our engineers understand how to integrate end to end security.

Learn more about how to protect your organization from online threats.

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