Ednetics Network

Maximize performance with secure, scalable network architectures backed by years of experience.

Complete Networks

Local Area Network

Expand your network backbone with switches, routers, cabling, and configuration.

Wide Area Network

Connect separate campus buildings using copper, fiber, and secure endpoints.


Keep up with mobile device proliferation with fast access points and smart controllers.

Network Security

Protect your network from threats like ransomware and keep your data secure.

It Begins with the Network

From start to finish, we’re network experts. Make the most of your network investment, boost services, and enhance security with our versatile wired and wireless solutions. With over 20 years of experience in education-focused network design, we specialize in building secure LAN and WAN setups. Our certified engineers prioritize both performance and security, with expertise in Cisco, Juniper, and other leading brands.


Scalable Wireless Network

Embracing digital transformation.

In a connected world, adaptability is key. Our network audits, smart AP placements, and secure encryption empower your network to handle modern demands effortlessly.

Unlocking Wi-Fi 6

Faster, more scalable and secure.

Experience improved speed, scalability, and security. Wi-Fi 6 brings reduced congestion, increased device capacity, and exceptional performance.

Comprehensive Network Defense

Security is always priority one.

We adhere to industry standards and stay vigilant with proactive monitoring. From configuring firewalls and network traffic flow your network’s security is strengthened, covering both Physical Security or Cybersecurity.

Protect the Edge

Firewall configuration including ACLs, NAT, and DMZ setup protecting the edge.

Control Network Access

Use policies to segragate traffic with VLANs, MPLS, and software defined networking.

Block Internet Threats

DNS level inspection keeps you safe from harmful domains using Cisco Umbrella.

Proven Experience

With 20+ years’ experience, we specialize in tailor-made network solutions. Our certified engineers collaborate with diverse clients, offering dependable, sustainable networks.

Your Network

Your Way

Teaming up with leading vendors, we customize and scale every solution. From individual switches to complete makeovers, we offer lifecycle management and full management options.

Find out more about increasing the performance and security of your network.

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