Classroom Solutions

Promote collaborative education with software, audiovisual hardware, and a wide range of devices.

Engaged Learning

Support and enhance the digital classroom.

Laptops and Chromebooks

Plan ahead for device procurement and learn about available funding.

Management Solutions

Keep control of device use and simplify management.

Audiovisual Hardware

Improve learning and engage students with audiovisual solutions.

Help Students Achieve More

Technology has transformed the classroom, providing new ways for students to engage teachers and peers. This has also led to an increased focus on safety as device centric learning brings new security concerns. In addition, managing an increasing number of online services and devices can be challenging for educators. Our classroom solutions can help keep your students safer and on track to greater achievement.

Device Solutions for Working, Teaching, and Learning

Choose device vendors and get delivery estimates.

Hybrid learning and work environments have increased the need for secure, connected devices like laptops and tablets. With a higher demand and lower supply, procurement has become a more difficult process with longer fulfillment times and higher prices. We work with our partners to help you understand the logistics of device procurement so you can plan accordingly.

Ednetics Device Partners

  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • Acer

Warranty and Repair Services

  • Device pickup and delivery
  • In house repairs
  • Out of warranty services
  • Service contracts

White Glove Services

  • Asset management
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Convenient delivery
  • Onsite setup

Device Program Solutions

  • Management solutions
  • Filtering and classroom tools
  • Carts and charging solutions
  • Classroom AV solutions

Classroom Software

Applications that support collaboration and safety while easing management.

Devices like Chromebooks are a great start to get students participating in digital learning, but how do you secure them while providing collaborative access to lessons? With Ednetics, you have options for software applications that do all this and more.

Google Workspace for Education

Google provides a full suite of tools to help students with better collaboration and communication. Purchased Chromebooks provide credits that can be redeemed for training and configuration of this resource.

Classroom Management

As learning has shifted towards a device centric, digital experience, the challenge of keeping students focused on learning has become more difficult. We provide solutions that give educators more control over digital workspaces.

Content Filtering

All of our solutions prioritize security and we have multiple options for web and content filtering. Help keep both students and devices safer by limiting accessible sites and content.

Single Sign-on

Online learning provides a wealth of benefits, but also a lot of overhead managing so many applications. Simplify the plethora of logins and resources by using a secure single sign-on solution.

AV Solutions to Enhance Your Experience

Device learning also opens up the possibility of device distractions. It can be hard to follow a lesson if the material is uninspired and there is no interactivity. We can recommend AV solutions that transform the classroom into a highly engaging environment, keeping students focused on learning.

Visual Solutions

  • Projectors
    • Dell
    • Epson
  • Large Screen TVs
    • Samsung
    • ViewSonic
    • LG

Audio Solutions

  • Speakers
    • Table-top
    • Ceiling-mount
  • Amplifiers
  • 2-way audio
  • Microphones
  • Analog Audio Integration

Our Team Is Here to Help

Experience and great partners make us well suited to assist.

Dedicated to the Public Sector

Ednetics has a dedicated team that understands the budgets, and their constraints, of educational institutions, state agencies, and local governments.


Ednetics partners with multiple manufacturers and distributors to get the most up-to-date and readily available devices.

Focused on Service

Ednetics is growing as a company and we have a history of high customer satisfaction. Through recent challenges in the industry, we are expanding our services and products to meet the needs of customers at every level and continuing to put customer needs first.

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