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Delivering Opportunity

Helping students access the resources they need.

The importance of K-12 in providing students with the skills and education to be successful can’t be overstated. As a major part of the education journey, the quality of K–12 learning can have a large impact on the future opportunities available to students. Access to technology has become a critical part of curriculum delivery and collaborative learning. Our mission is to provide high value technology solutions that reduce the digital divide, making sure all students have an equal chance to succeed.


Get students secure laptops and Chromebooks for digital curricula.

Classroom Solutions >

Community Networks

Extend internet access to students securely with community managed networks.

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Classroom Software

Keep students focused with appropriate content and simplify management.

Classroom Solutions >

Support Flexible Learning

Infrastructure and services to help keep pace with the demands of flexible learning and collaboration.

Network Infrastructure >
Phones and Collaboration >

Security and Compliance

Improve data security and mitigate cyber threats by implementing security measures throughout your infrastructure.

Cybersecurity >
Secure Data Center >

Campus Safety and Security

Enhance campus safety and get more visibility on what's going on so you can be prepared if anything happens.

Physical Security >


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