Physical Security

Increase safety with integrated video surveillance, controlled door entry, and intrusion detection solutions.

Always Ready

Stay informed and respond quickly with integrated security.

Safer environments contribute to the quality of education and increase productivity.  The Ednetics Team is here to assist you with a realized vision of campus safety that includes smart video surveillance integrated with controlled entry, intrusion detection, and emergency notification. We’ll help you configure automation and analytics to improve incident detection and reduce response times.

Video Surveillance

Increase visibility & reduce incident detection time.

Controlled Door Entry

Authorize entry and simplify key management.

Intrusion Detection

Get automated alerts and reduce false positives.

Emergency Notification

Inform everyone quickly with any-to-any broadcasts.

Vape Detection

Promote safer environments with vape detection.

Video Surveillance

See more places at once.

A well-designed video surveillance system gives you a higher level of campus visibility. This increased situational awareness can reduce the time needed to identify and respond to an event which can help keep people safer. Smart analytics and integration lay the foundation for automation enhancing effectiveness.

Features and Capabilities

Powerful Integrations

Defined events can be triggers for lockdowns and notifications. Video footage can be used to provide evidence of intruders.

Advanced Analytics

Machine learning and artificial intelligence power smart forensic capabilities, opening up new custom event types.

NDAA Compliant

We procure camera models from vetted vendors. This makes them National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant and more secure for your data.

Strategic Coverage

Smart camera placement focuses on key areas of interest. Our engineers can help you identify these areas.

High Resolution

High quality video helps with identification of individuals and objects of interest like license plates.

Durable Construction

We provide options for cameras with rugged housing – making them weatherproof and vandal resistant.

Mobile Viewing

Securely view footage remotely using a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Controlled Door Entry

Enhance safety by limiting access to critical areas and assets.

Ednetics Protect Controlled Door Entry helps protect your organization by giving you granular control over building and room access. We work with multiple vendors to develop solutions that provide ease of use, scalability, time savings, and integration.

Features and Capabilities

Visual Authentication

Integrate with video surveillance to require visual authentication for access in addition to other methods

Policy Driven Automation

Configure granular access policies that automate access, freeing up time for other things.

Role Based Access

Assign users to specific permission roles to grant or deny access to areas.

Scheduled Access

Defined events can be triggers for lockdowns and notifications. Video footage can be used to provide evidence of intruders.

Track Visitors

Machine learning and artificial intelligence power smart forensic capabilities, opening up new custom event types.

Simplify Key Management

Streamline facility management by removing the hassle of replacing lost keys or tracking down keys and enhance overall facility security.

Building Intrusion Detection

Safeguard assets with improved response to incidents.

Protecting critical assets and infrastructure is important to an organization’s well-being. We integrate environmental sensors including motion detectors with video surveillance and access control systems to enhance intrusion detection. Smart analytics can reduce false positives and be used to better define security events you are interested in.

Features and Capabilities

Door Alerts

Get notified if doors are held open longer than expected or if open when they shouldn’t be.

Proactive Monitoring

Gain visibility into incidents immediately and reduce losses with 24/7 monitoring.

Push Notifications

Push notifications give you the convenience to receive alerts on mobile devices for ease of access and quick response confirmation of intrusion events.

VMS Integrations

Integration opens up new features like video confirmations and analytics as well as cross-app notifications and usability.

Emergency Notification

Send critical information out to users quickly.

In the event of an emergency situation, being able to react quickly can have a large impact on the outcome. Quickly notifying individuals of a dangerous situation and updating them with the status of the situation and instructions on what to do can help everyone stay safer. Our team can help you setup a notification system that is easy to use, customizable to your organization, and fast and resilient so you can be prepared if an emergency does happen.

Features and Capabilities

Fast Alerts

Seconds count in an emergency situation. Alerts and updates can be sent out to your entire organization quickly using one-button triggers and event automation.

Easy to Use

A simple user interface makes setup, configuration, and ongoing management easy so you can spend more time on other things.

Targeted Messaging

Configure different broadcast groups so you can get the right message to the right people. Synchronize with existing directory policies via LDAP.

Any to Any

Be prepared with a variety of triggers like phones, RSS feeds, and panic buttons and recievers like SMS text, email, phones, and social media.

Vape Detection

A healthy environment is essential for learning.

Providing a vape-free environment is a critical responsibility. Ednetics Protect has partnered with Halo to offer a vape detection that integrates with Protect Web Services and Ednetics Voice emergency notification. When combined with video verification and automated notification, Ednetics Protect Vape Detection offers a positive proactive approach to solving this urgent issue.

Features and Capabilities


HALO connects directly to Ednetics Protect Web Services and Ednetics Voice Emergency Notification to add seamless functionality to an integrated system.

Push Notifications

Receive push notification to mobile devices, Virtual Keypad app, and apps like Ednetics Protect Mobile and InformaCast Mobile.

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