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Realized Visions

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For more than twenty years, we’ve been helping customers achieve their goals. Here are some of those success stories.

Increased Safety Through Improved Network Infrastructure at West Ada School District

See how Ednetics helped West Ada achieve their technology goals while improving their overall District Physical Safety.

Timberland Regional Library Enhances Patron Experience With Round-the-Clock Access

Learn how Ednetics partnered with Timberland Regional Library to increase access while offering extended hours and maintaining security.

Sunnyside School District Redefines Security Standards For Patrons and Their Community

Sunnyside School District worked with Ednetics to adopt cutting edge Network Infrastructure to elevate their security protocols.

Wapato School District Enhanced Communication Improving Emergency Responses

With Wapato School Districts recent building expansion and renovations, Ednetics developed a digital signage security solution.

Centralia College Enhances Safety With Streamlined Emergency Alerts & Unified Communications

Centralia College worked with Ednetics to take proactive steps to ensure safety by centralizing and optimizing emergency alert systems.

Convention Center Expansion Fueled Connectivity & Growth With An Upgraded Network

Seattle Convention opened their new Summit building and Ednetics was able to deliver a comprehensive network overhaul and expansion.

Ednetics Delivers Huge Upfront Savings Then 24/7 Support for Technology Institute

 Explore how Lake Washington Technology of Institute saved on licensing fees and optimizing a new operating system with support.

King County Strengthens Taxpayer Security By Safeguarding Data in the Cloud With NetApp Solution

Ednetics helped King County’s goal to support taxpayer protection by leveraging NetApp’s secure cloud solution.

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