Ednetics Phones & Collaboration

Take your communications to the next level with integrated phones, email, messaging, and conferencing.

Keep Your Team Connected

Phones, Collaboration and Video Conferencing

Seamlessly connect your team through our voice collaboration system with Ednetics Collaboration. Share availability status and spin up virtual meetings as needed with Cisco Webex. Find a phone system and service to fit your organizational needs.

Conferencing & Meetings

Fast remote conferencing, messaging, document, and screen sharing. Collaboration at its best.

Voice Solutions

On premise phone systems, fully managed phone service, a nice variety of handset options.

Integration Ready

Architectures designed to integrate with emergency systems and physical security.

E911 Integration

Enhanced location information to get first responders to the right place.

E911 calls automatically provide notification to first responders and integrate with emergency notification tools available to the handsets for text and audio alerts. Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM’s Act Compliant.

Meet From Anywhere, Anytime

Meeting Solutions

Enjoy the flexibility of connecting from any location with an internet connection. Keep your team engaged, from the office and while working remotely. 

Operational Continuity

System Redundancy and Support

In the event of an emergency, Ednetics Voice Service has system redundancy, failover and an extended support team facilitating operational continuity. Simplified scalability vs on premises solution.

Ednetics Voice

Powerful performance and administrative access.

Managed service customers have access to the same administrative tools as customers with the on-premise Ednetics Voice solution.

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