Integrated IT Architectures

We configure our technologies to integrate with each other, providing comprehensive high-value solutions.

Network Infrastructure

Local Area Network

Expand your network backbone with switches, routers, cabling, and configuration.

Wide Area Network

Connect separate campus buildings using copper, fiber, and secure endpoints.


Keep up with mobile device proliferation with fast access points and smart controllers.

Network Security

Protect your network from threats like ransomware and keep your data secure.

Secure Data Center


We can help acquire, configure, and manage servers whether rack mount or virtual.


Control compute resources and centralize management with scalable virtualization.


Keep data safe and manageable with a secure and redundant storage architecture.

Backup & Recovery

Mitigate data security risks with secure high-speed backup and recovery.

Email Solutions

Implement secure and easy-to-use email with solutions like Exchange Online.

Device Solutions

Meet your device needs with bulk pricing, available funding, and white glove service.


Networks & Servers

Segregate and control network traffic and secure access to mission critical servers.

Information Security

Keep data safe with secure backups and fast recovery options.


Secure endpoints against malware and phishing attacks.

Email & Applications

Develop application level security measures that safeguard against identify theft and malicious domains.

Device & Classroom Solutions


Procure and configure laptops and Chromebooks to fulfill device needs.


Keep students focused and safer with classroom management software and content filtering.


Enhance learning experiences and collaboration with classroom AV solutions.

Phones & Collaboration

Phone Service

Fully featured with quality audio, reliable connection, and integration with other services.

Meetings and Conferencing

Phone and video conferencing flexible meetings and advanced integrations.

Phone Handsets

Get the latest high quality handsets with advanced features and video capabilities.


Instant Messaging

Better collaboration with presence, file and screen sharing and one button meeting launches.

Physical Security & Safety

Video Surveillance

Know what is happening with high resolution cameras and advanced analytics.

Access Control

Use policies to restrict, monitor, and grant access through controlled access on exterior and interior doors.

Intrusion Detection

Safeguard your buildings with automated alerts on unauthorized access.

Vape Detection

Create a healthier environment by being able to detect and discourage vaping.

Mass Notification


Emergency Notification

Get the message out quickly when you need it using message automation.

Paging and Speakers

Get the message out quickly when you need it using message automation.

Community Networks

Bus Wi-Fi

Wireless for riders to stay connected on the go!

Community Managed

Local involvement benefits everyone with better information on network coverage needs.

Wi-Fi and LTE

LTE and Wi-Fi gateways, nodes, and hotspots extend secure access.

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Our technology solutions Include:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Wired Network
  • Wide Area Network
  • Wireless
  • Network Security
  • LTE
  • Phones and Collaboration
  • Handsets
  • Phone Service
  • Instant Messaging
  • Mass Notification
  • Emergency Notification
  • Paging and Speakers
  • Physical Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Controlled Door Entry
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Site Monitoring
  • Vape Detection
  • Data Center and Devices
  • Servers
  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Device Solutions
  • Email Solutions

Complete Technology Services

We provide a full range of services that can help you at any step in your technology lifecycle.

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