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Exciting Opportunity: Rural Utilities Service Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant!

POST FALLS, Idaho – (March 19, 2024) – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Service Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant is your gateway to transforming education and healthcare access. Act fast – the deadline is April 29th, 2024!

About the Grant: This initiative focuses on enhancing telemedicine and distance learning services in rural areas by leveraging telecommunications, computer networks, and cutting-edge technologies. Designed for students, teachers, medical professionals, and residents in rural locales, the grants aim to bridge the gap in access to essential services.

Find out more about the program details here.

Grant Support Program: Neat Assistance Program Navigating the grant application process can be challenging. The Neat Assistance Program is here to help. Their dedicated team connects you with tailored resources to meet your organization’s unique needs. From application guidance to post-award administrative support.

Learn more about how the Neat Assistance Program can empower your grant application journey. Program details here.

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Boise’s Carnegie Library Building Gains New Purpose with Ednetics

The iconic property will house technology company and support arts and education

POST FALLS, Idaho – (May 17, 2019) – Idaho entrepreneur and Ednetics founder Shawn Swanby today announced the purchase of the Carnegie Library Building in downtown Boise. Ednetics, an Idaho-based provider of advanced technology solutions for K12, libraries, higher education and government across the western United States, will be the primary tenant.

Swanby purchased the iconic property from previous owner St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral. Ednetics will use a portion of the space to anchor operations for the western US while Shawn and his wife, Sarah Swanby, explore ways that the Carnegie Library property can support education and the arts.

“We have an opportunity to reinterpret the purpose of this building,” said Sarah Swanby. “The Columbian Club of Boise knew what the Library would mean for the community when they secured the Library grant from Andrew Carnegie. We want to honor that contribution by reestablishing a community aspect to the property.”

The Swanbys have retained the building’s original architecture firm, Hummel Architects, to lead renovations and have recently selected HC Company of Boise to act as general contractor. The project team will spend the remainder of 2019 in architectural and engineering planning and coordination with local agencies.

“There is an obvious synergy between the original plan for this building – for it to be a place for learning, connection and community – and the purpose of Ednetics,” said Shawn Swanby, Ednetics CEO. “We’re energized by the opportunity to faithfully reimagine this historic space to empower innovation in education and government.”

Founded in 1997, Ednetics is headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho and has expanded to include regional offices in Boise, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Shawn Swanby, who is a southwest Idaho native, noted, “Boise is a key market for us and is central to our expansion through the western states. We are excited to be investing in this vibrant community. It feels like coming home.”

About Ednetics Ednetics brings advanced technology services and solutions to education and public sector communities across the western United States. The company focuses on opportunities to improve education and government settings through network, communications, physical security, storage, and facilities architectures. The Ednetics team believes that when people have access to environments supportive of connection, information flow, and learning they can be inspired to do great things.

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