Managed Services

Free up time with managed services that include proactive monitoring and support.

Our Team on Your Team

Support your in-house IT team with reliable expert help.

Remote office, distance learning, and digital transformation are driving the demand for qualified IT staff. Our managed services are designed with this in mind, using the Ednetics Team to support your team.

Managed Service Features

Proactive Monitoring

Avoid service disruptions with advanced intellegence.

Premium Support

The Ednetics Support Team has you covered.

Flexible Implementation

Procurement, installation, and configuration to meet your needs.

Ednetics Managed Services

Ednetics Network

Managed Service

Equipment procurement or provisioning and service for LAN, WLAN, and WAN. Includes lifecycle management.

Ednetics Protect

Managed Service

Premium service for video surveillance and controlled door entry.

Ednetics Backup and Recovery

Managed Service

Managed data protection provides secure offsite replication and recovery.

Internet Security

Managed Service

Help stop internet threats like malware and phishing with advanced threat intelligence using Cisco Umbrella.

Ednetics Voice X or Voice S1

Managed Service

Full featured, high quality phone services for different organizational needs.

Ednetics Broadcast

Managed Service

Mass notification capabilities for everyday communications and time critical emergency scenarios.

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